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Cinema 4D Tip: Footage with an alpha channel

c4d_alphaI was going to make a post about how to add footage with an alpha channel to a 3D plane within Cinema 4D but one of the mograph jedi beat me to it. And since he’s a jedi and i’m still new around here I’ll just point you to Jon Dickenson‘s new tut here. Bookmark this one because if you’ve never done this before and need to it can be very frustrating—I spent hours trying to figure this one out. (Wish I had this tutorial last year.) Don’t limit your thinking to just rotoscoped people shots (as in Jon’s tutorial), I used one of Video Copilot‘s flourishes from the Evolution title using this technique which you can see here.

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Cinema 4D Tip :: How to add Sound in Cinema 4D R.11


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