Project Description

DramaFever “iPad Optimized” Spot #1

I made this spot for, the largest online video site for the distribution of international televised content on demand for regular users and premium subscribers. It was offered online with their content as well as shared on social media.

It’s purpose was to announce the arrival of the DramaFever iPad app giving subscribers an additional viewing platform option. Up until the arrival of this app, viewers chained to their laptops had been clamoring for the ability to watch DramaFever content on Apple’s then new device.

My concept was simple. DramaFever content was now available on the iPad, so I elected to simply show that in a fun way.

The spot opens with a familiar sight for a DramaFever subscriber: the typing in of the site’s URL into what at first appears to be a regular browser on a laptop. When the url completes, the virtual camera pulls back to reveal that we’re actually looking at an iPad. That right there was the surprise announcement.

The spot continues to celebrate the new app by displaying series clips on an iPad floating in a sea of light and particles (in DramaFever’s signature color) in sync with a karaoke track I selected from one of the television series in their catalog which I felt fit best.