Project Description

DramaFever “Secret Garden” Series Trailer

I edited this trailer for, the largest online video site for the distribution of international televised content on demand for regular users and premium subscribers. It was offered online with their content as well as shared on social media.

I’m a fan of Korean television and this series, “Secret Garden”, happened to be a favorite of mine. I wrote the title cards to introduce new viewers to the concept of the series, express the “feel” of the show and reveal key elements of the show’s high concept story.

I then obtained files of the first four hour-long episodes and scoured for clips that expressed the most information about each character and their relationship with each other in the shortest amount of frames. I chose to use the series opening theme because of its ‘magical’, emotional and grand qualities and edited this music to fit the time requirement.

To give the client an extra option, I made slight changes to the edit and clips used in order to flow with a vocal track I selected from the series. Please note that the titles in the second version (below) were simply placeholders for content and position.

Unfinished, Unused Alternate Version: