Project Description

Insane-O-Rama Production Logo

This is a production logo for Insane-O-Rama, an indie film company specializing in exploitation-type horror movies. This will appear at the beginning of their movies and trailers.

I wanted to create the sense that there was always something crazy, horrible or otherwise fantastic going on right under our noses; not out in the open, yet well within reach. I decided on a camera flythrough of a sewer tunnel which I constructed in Cinema 4D. I used stock 3D assets for the pipes.

I chose to make the camera fly backward to create a sense of unease since you can’t see where you are going. I also wanted to convey that this is a place from which you’d want to escape from.

Insane-O-Rama’s name, to me, is a bit carnival-ish or parody-ish so I added a tacky “horror” scream and added some comicbook-ish green lights.

I also selected and edited the sound elements.