Project Description

“KaijuCast” Video Podcast Opening

The host of a successful Godzilla audio podcast (“KaijuCast”) needed an opening sequence for occasional video podcasts. Being a huge Godzilla geek, I jumped at the chance.

After discussing the background audio with the host, I came up with the concept. I wanted to include images of the host but, because of distance, I sent him skectches of what I hoped he could mimic from his own photographer. I then photographed several Godzilla monster toys to act as heroes, wipes and interaction elements with the host.

After the animation was complete, I created several visual effects to mimic the ‘super powers’ of the monsters as seen in the movies an made them as accurate as possible and injected the appropriate authentic sound effects.

I also created additional, matching elements for the video podcast such as lower thirds and wipes.