Project Description

West Oak Lane Jazz Festival Promo

The West Oak Lane Jazz Festival is a large, outdoor event held yearly in Philadelphia featuring jazz artists such as NAME, NAME and NAME. This piece was created to share online for promotion. It was also displayed as digital signage at a VIP pre-show party and large billboards near the venue.

The theme I selected for this was “the night the stars came out”. Starting out high above the Earth, 3 colorful shooting stars, leaving behind trails of musical notes, converge their trajectories and head down to the planet. These Trapcode Particular comets swoop down over a stock photo of the city of Philadelphia to announce the location. the stars navigate through tall buildings and leave the downtown area to head for West Oak Lane.

A satellite photo of the actual location was used for the bird’s-eye-view shot. And, not having a photo of the Ogontz Avenue street sign, I accurately constructed one in Adobe Illustrator.

The piece ends on a virtual stage (simple because of time and budget constraints) where the stars combine, then pop in a celebratory burst of sparkles revealing 3D “postcard” photos of the guests.