Video & Motion Graphics Design Services

TV Commercials

Concept, Editing (your footage) or stock footage (including photos), voiceovers, motion graphics and final delivery to your station.

Spot Transcoding and Station Delivery

I will prepare your TV spots for final delivery to stations including transcoding to each station’s video specs and slate requirements.

Youtube Intros

My concept or yours.

Animated Logos

I’ll take your logo and reveal it with motion graphics.

Video Captions

I will caption your TV commercials or short videos with CEA-608, CEA-708 or both.

Radio Spots

Scriptwriting, Seeking Voice Talent, Arranging Voiceover and Music.

Digital Signage Content Design

From concept, design, motion to final product.

Web Services

Social Media

Will set up your Facebook Page with branded graphics, etc. I also specialize in graphics for special posts and memes.

Site Design

Small site content design using Weebly.

Graphic Design Services

General Graphic Design


Billboards & Signage

General graphic design for window decals, window perf, tradition and digital billboards, and more.

Print Services

Print Advertising

Direct Mail

Full design of post cards and other direct mail pieces.